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Portofinos Restaurant in Piermont Closed:(

Last week someone posted on Facebook that Portofinos, our favorite restaurant which is in Piermont was closing. I told my family about the post and none of them wanted to believe that a place where we had spent so many special birthday celebrations, graduations, and special Sunday dinners was no longer in business. Well this past Sunday my daughter and I rode our bikes from Nyack to Piermont along the Hudson, and besides a nice lunch at Sidewalk cafe we were also going to check on the status of Portofinos. Sadly the post had been accurate, and a sign taped in the window said sold. Would the new owners reopen our lovely Portofinos or would it be some other fare or worse yet maybe the new business wouldn’t even be a restaurant. Well this Father’s Day we will have to find another place to celebrate. How do you replace the place with all the memories of our kids growing up, memories of dinners with loved ones no longer with us. There should be a law that prohibits the closing of our favorite restaurants.