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William G. Balter

We worked with Nancy Blaker Weber on our Riverton single-family development which was completed and sold out in 2015. The primary reasons we decided to work with her were: 1) her understanding of the local market; 2) her relationships with the local brokerage community as well as other business and community leaders; and 3) her obvious passion and energy for her business.

Our decision to use Nancy and the reasons we hired her turned out to be right on target. But in addition to our preconceived notions about Nancy, she also brought with her a real ownership that is uncommon in the vast majority of brokers and other real estate salespeople we have dealt with over the last 20+ years.

Most agents raise issues but take little responsibility for solving problems. Whether we needed to have a greater presence in the community or we needed to stage a house, Nancy would raise the issue and put a plan into action to solve it.

I cannot recommend her strongly enough.