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A New Wave of Nyack Buyers

So here in Rockland County especially in the Villages of Nyack and Piermont there has been a great demand for homes either as primary or secondary. Much of this is fueled by Pandemic fears of people living in Manhattan and Brooklyn and the other boroughs who want more space and perceived safer living conditions as social unrest is erupting in urban areas.

There is now a new wave of buyers coming from the west coast. People are fleeing California as an apocalyptic summer of record-breaking temperatures and raging forest fires have made the the very air you breathe extremely damaging to your health. Californians have always lived with the fear of earthquakes and tremors but their frequency and intensity have increased dramatically.

Global warming is affecting the whole planet , but places like California are like the canary in the coal mine experiencing the severe affects earlier. I am getting pretty regular calls from homeowners and renters from Californian who have knowledge of the Nyacks and the Rivertowns and want to buy or rent here in our lovely community by the Hudson, and we welcome them with open arms.