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What Season is Best to Buy a Home

The “Perfect” Time to Buy a House

We all know that there is no “perfect” tine to buy a home. Having said that if you understand your needs and the state of the market, you may be able to time your purchase to your advantage. Lets tak...

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La Dolce Vita Restaurant Comes to Nyack

We had dinner at the newest addition to Nyack restaurants last night, and were very happy with the quality of the food, decor, and the service was excellent. It was a bit nostalgic as we remembered OD's the original restaurant, and the many mea...

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Thank YOU!

As we are entering 2023 I would like to express my gratitude to my wonderful clients, friends, and associates for their support in making 2022 a great year. I am truly grateful.

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Congratulations to My Grandview on Hudson Buyers

Congratulations to my buyers who fought diligently with me to buy this foreclosure at 257 River Rd Grandview . It was an uphill battle with the bank, burst pipes in the cold snap, flood when it warmed up and snafus with the deed.
Closing today...

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Some Good New for Nyack Buyers

We may finally be seeing the some good news for buyers in the Nyacks and Rivertowns this week as the average 30-year mortgage rate dropped to 6.49%. Recent economic data suggests mortgage rates have peaked after surpassing 7% in the second week...

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First Time Home Buyers in the Nyack Area

Helping today’s first-time homebuyer find the perfect fit is all about truly listening to them, and understanding what makes them unique. Do this and you will find the right place for them to feel at home.

Most agents think of a first-time...

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Food For Thought

I recently read an article that talked about the blandness of most people’s homes because almost everyone is so focused on eventual resale. I realized that I too was very focused on resale some time in the future, and made decisions according...

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Cooling Nyack Market Fact or Fiction

Keep in mind when we compare current numbers the comparison is to 2018-2019 not a comparison to the height of the Pandemic market. What I am noticing is in many instances we are still seeing multiple offers, but it may be 2 or 3 offers as oppos...

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