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New Rules in the Nyack Rental Market

So if life wasn’t complicated enough the Department of State has changed the rules regarding the commission arrangement for landlords and tenants. As of February 5,2020 landlords can no longer requi...

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Thoughts On Getting Your Home in Order

Its always a challenge to get your home in order. This is even more important when you are getting ready to list your home for sale. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to feel is claustrophobic as they wander through the house. Ma...

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Winterizing Tips for Your Home in the Nyacks

As winter takes hold it is important that homeowners prepare for the cold. Fill all the cracks and crevices in your foundation to prevent your home from leaking heat and making your furnace work overtime. You can use spray foam readily availa...

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Hudson Valley Restaurant Week

Take heart as winter approaches. Hudson Valley Restaurant week is here. What better way to celebrate the culture of the Hudson Valley than through its myriad restaurants. Mark your calendars - Hudson Valley Restaurant Week runs from 11/4- 11/...

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Cafe at RCC Culinary Arts Center Opens in Nyack

There have been many delays but the cafe at the Rockland Community College Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center in Nyack is now open to the public. The college opened to students on October 22 and a grand opening is scheduled for November 14. ...

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Nyack Rental Market

There are things you need to know whether you are renting in the Nyack rental market. On June 14,2019 the Governor enacted legislation affecting the relationship between landlords and tenants in residential real estate. There are new tenant pro...

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Matisyahu on His Nyack Home

Matisyahu discovered Nyack about three years ago , and knew he wanted to live here. He immediately became part of the Nyack landscape, and the community welcomed him and his family with open arms. Much of his latest album is based on living on ...

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Nyack Update

So a little bit on an update for our Village of Nyack. We finally have a new website! It is a big improvement over the old one with a more user-friendly design and easier access to information. You can actually find things now .:)The village bo...

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Nyack Parking Meters Upgrade

As many of you may know the Village of Nyack board just had new parking meters installed in downtown Nyack. This was done to make the meters more user friendly. Well there have been a lot of complaints that they are not so easy to use. In an ef...

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