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Day in the Life of Nyack Real Estate Agent

I am probably not the only Nyack real estate agent or broker who has to go to extreme measures in order to help make sure a transaction goes smoothly to get to the closing, but this past Thursday was a test of mettle for both me and my associate. The Village of Nyack has a wonderful downtown which includes many 19th century buildings. These building have great charm, and one of them is for sale. My client was interested in purchasing one of them, and had already walked through the building to see what kind of work needed to be done to bring it back into good shape. So the deal was progressing , and then the sellers lawyer at the last minute included language that there was structural damage and took no responsibility. Needless to say my client was surprised and very suspicious. I could sense the deal falling apart so I called the other agent, and was told that there were some columns in the sub basement that were wood and not steel lally columns. Well, right then and there I called my client and told him I was on my way to the sub basement of this 19th century Nyack Victorian basement. It was really crazy. First my associate and I had to go down to the basement which was not too bad, and then we had to find a trap door entrance to the sub basement. The sub basement was your worst horror film nightmare. You can only imagine the thoughts of rats and dead bodies that were running through my mind as we descended the rickety staircase. Well we took a video and pictures of the sub basement and the various columns and sent them to my client. He wasn’t concerned once he saw what the issue was, and the deal was back on track. Just another day in the life of a Nyack real estate agent.