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First Time Home Buyers in the Nyack Area

Helping today’s first-time homebuyer find the perfect fit is all about truly listening to them, and understanding what makes them unique. Do this and you will find the right place for them to feel at home.

Most agents think of a first-time homebuyer as a young couple that recently got engaged or married who are upsizing. Although the National Association of Realtors reports that 60 percent of recent buyers were married couples, 19 percent were single females, 9 percent were single males, and 9 percent were unmarried couples – so much for assumptions. 
The following questions for first time home buyers will help narrow their search, and help prevent buyer’s remorse.

What do I want my home to be close to? What do I want my neighborhood to be like?

How much space do I need? What do I need that space for?

What is most important? Location or size?

Would I be interested in a fixer-upper?

What kind of property should I buy?

Would I be interested in new home construction?

What features do I need? What amenities do I want?

What does my home have to have now? What does it have to have the potential for?

Of all my wants and needs, which are the most important?