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Getting the Kids Ready for Nyack School Year

As summer winds down here in the Nyack the new school year is approaching. You can already see the advertisements for school supplies and clothing displays as well. Parents should also be thinking about medical check ups as well. The annual health check-up will help make sure that your child or teen is on track for a successful academic year.

A yearly back-to-school check-up allows your family physician to give your child a thorough physical examination and address any emotional, developmental, or social concerns. If you have a teen, the check-up is also a good opportunity for him or her to ask any confidential health questions, including topics like drinking, drug-use, sex, and depression. It is very important that your family doctor has a good relationship with your kids so they feel comfortable asking questions.

If your child or teen plans on playing any sports during the school year, he or she may need to have a physical that addresses sports-specific issues. These include past sport-related injuries, asthma and allergies, and an evaluation of strength and flexibility. Additionally, the doctor may have training tips or exercises that will help your child or teen avoid injury in the future.

At the end of the exam, the doctor will sign a form that indicates your child is in good health or may recommend additional tests or specific treatment.

For optimum health, every child needs a good balance of home, school, sports, and social activities. The point of a physical exam is to make sure he or she is meeting important milestones and give your child the opportunity to understand more about any changes in the body. Give your child a healthy start to the school year with a back-to-school check-up!