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New Nyack Mayor

On Thursday December 21 at 6:30 Don Hammond was sworn in as Nyack Mayor at Nyack Village Hall. Don has previously served as a Nyack Trustee and has always been involved in causes here in Nyack and in his younger days with the Peace Corps overseas. His parents moved to Nyack in the 1940’s and he still lives in the Nyack home he grew up in. He is the current President/CEO of Meals on Wheels here in Rockland County.

Don is a very humble human being but don’t think he doesn’t have an intense drive to get things done after much thought about the best way to achieve the goal. I have had many conversations with Don about Nyack and the best way to maintain the Nyack quality of life that we all cherish, and I know we have someone in the Mayors seat who will listen to everyone with a concern here in Nyack and do his best to help.