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New Supermarket Coming to Nyack

The Riverspace Theater in Nyack which has been closed for several years may be reborn as a supermarket. The Riverspace Theater actually lived up to its name a few years ago when it flooded and several feet of water rushed through and made it unusable.

A supermarket in the heart of the village with ample parking would be good news for everyone in the community. LiPuma of Millbrook filed an application last month with the village’s Architectural Review Board to alter “the existing theater portion of the building to a grocery store use.” The board is expected to discuss the application at its next meeting, 7 p.m., Dec. 16. A notice of the meeting is posted on the Riverspace door.
Although LiPuma wouldn’t disclose the supermarket operator, he did reveal a detail that will dash the hopes of some grocery watchers: “No, it’s not a Trader Joe’s,” he said.

Some in the community will want to see the theater rebuilt, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone stepping up to lead this effort. I think if the supermarket really studies our Nyack community demographics it could really flourish, and it would tie in well with the weekly Farmers Market that happens every Thursday right next door.