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Nyack Boot Camp

There is a new sheriff in fitness town. The sheriff’s name is Beth Chamberlain and her word is law at Nyack Boot Camp. Since May, I have been working out at Nyack Boot Camp with Beth and her husband Peter, and I am witnessing an exercise miracle. Not only do I feel empowered by my newly developed strength and vastly improved posture my clothes fit better as well.

I have a confession to make…I have been working out practically my whole life but it was always the kind of workout where I never really pushed myself. At Nyack Boot Camp not pushing yourself is not an option. There is a palpable feeling of camaraderie as we all push to achieve our fitness goals. This way of working out has become an essential part of my life I always leave there with a sense of accomplishment and well being. It must be those endorphins kicking in. Check out the Nyack Boot Camp Website for more information.

Nyack Boot Camp

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