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Nyack Homes with Garages

As both a Nyack real estate agent and Nyack homeowner I always thinking about storage. As Nyack is a Victorian village we are always looking for more storage. It seems the Victorian age was not big on closets. One way to maintain a semblance of organization and your sanity is to use your garage for storage rather than for parking your car. There are many Nyack multi-family homes where the basement is rented out to tenants so a garage can be a lifesaver. It is important to remember that most garages are not heated and can be damp so great care should be taken to protect your possessions in the garage. A quick trip to Home Depot or Lowes which are both a five minute drive from Nyack will offer a huge assortment of plastic bins to choose from. Label them with a Sharpie and you are good to go. Please check out the article from the Rockland Journal News in which I am quoted regarding home garages in the Nyack area.