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Nyack Infrastructure Improvements

We have good news on the Nyack infrastructure front. First, in case you missed it, late last month the Village of Nyack was awarded a $4.3 million grant from the NYS Department of Transportation which will fund the “Safe Routes to Schools Project” for Nyack Middle School.The funds will allow the village to improve the pedestrian infrastructure in the entire southwest section of Nyack (roughly, everything west of Franklin Ave. and south of Main Street). This will include full repairs of existing sidewalks, and installation of new sidewalks where none exist, including the installation of handicap-accessible curb cuts at intersections. The project will also include new pedestrian flashers near the middle school to improve safety for students walking to and from class.

The other big infrastructure project will allow the Nyack Water Department to replace some of the decades-old water mains that serve the village and parts of surrounding communities like Central and West Nyack. The project will begin later this year. While the construction will unfortunately cause some disruption as selected streets are excavated to install new water mains, all efforts will be made to mitigate the impact on residents, and the bottom line is that undertaking these upgrades is critically important for the long run sustainability of the water system. The village has put together a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions which you can read on the website here:

On a more immediate scale, the village is replacing sidewalks near the American Legion on Piermont Avenue this week. The goal is to have as much of the project as possible done by Memorial Day.