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Nyack Rental Market

There are things you need to know whether you are renting in the Nyack rental market. On June 14,2019 the Governor enacted legislation affecting the relationship between landlords and tenants in residential real estate. There are new tenant protections . A landlord is now obligated to mitigate his damages in the event a tenant breaks a lease. Landlord must attempt to release the property. Security deposit cannot exceed one month. A landlord cannot seek any payment for processing a rental application. A late fee must be the lesser of $50 or 5% of monthly rent. A landlord cannot evict or attempt to evict without a court order. A landlord cannot evict a tenant who made a good faith complaint to landlord about the habitability of the premises.

Regarding evictions there are several new laws as well. Damages in an eviction proceeding are limited. Additional rent, fees, charges, penalties, and costs are no longer recoverable from a tenant. Grounds for eviction can be rendered moot if tenant makes full payment prior to hearing. A tenant can now halt issuance of a warrant of eviction for a period of up to one tear which is an increase from sis months. A landlord must provide written notice to a tenant of late rental payments not received within five days of the due date. Failure to deliver can be raised as a defense in a later eviction proceeding.