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Nyack Update

So a little bit on an update for our Village of Nyack. We finally have a new website! It is a big improvement over the old one with a more user-friendly design and easier access to information. You can actually find things now .:)The village board welcomes any suggestions for improving the site

The village has continued to make refinements to the new parking meters and has been working with Flowbird to improve performance of the mobile app. Mayor Hammond has done an outstanding job meeting with merchants in the downtown to get feedback and following up constantly with Flowbird to get improvements. A few of the changes that have been made in the past two months: street parking rates have now been standardized throughout the downtown at $1 per hour. The rate to park in parking lots is $0.75 an hour. Likewise there is now a four hour time limit (up from a 3 hour limit) in any 24 hour period for on-street parking. Parking lots do not have this limit. The idea is to encourage people who plan to leave their car all day not to take up prime street parking in the downtown but instead to use the larger lots, or move their car a few blocks away to a street with no meters.

The sidewalk replacement work on Depew Avenue between Midland and 9W is now complete, and the contractor will shortly begin repairing/replacing sidewalks along 1st Avenue between Broadway and N. Franklin. The long-awaited (and much delayed) pedestrian bridge connecting Memorial Park to the marina parking lot is moving forward, with the anticipated awarding of a contract to construct the bridge expected soon. The project should be complete by the end of the year. There are many other upcoming infrastructure projects in the village, nearly all of which are funded in large part (or entirely) by grant funding from state or federal sources. In fact, the village administrator recently calculated that we have nearly $20 million worth of grant-funded projects that will be constructed within the next 5 years or so.