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Village of Nyack Water Department

When we turn on the faucet or flush the toilet here in Nyack, the water always flows. We may not know the exact source, or where the mains and pipes are buried, but we can reliably depend on the quality and availability of water in our village. Nyack is fortunate to have a publicly controlled water department that has met our needs for 117 years.

The Village of Nyack Water Department is a self-supporting, public benefit department. It is without taxing powers. Five Water Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor for five-year staggered terms. The only revenue the Department receives is obtained from the sale of water. The Department is nonprofit. All revenue is used for operating expenses, outstanding debt and construction purposes.

The Department was established to provide the Village of Nyack’s service area with a safe and abundant supply of water. The Water Treatment Plant is located in West Nyack, New York 10994. Our business office is located at 9 North Broadway, Nyack, New York 10960.

The Village of Nyack Water Department draws water from the Hackensack River. The river begins at Lake Deforest Reservoir, approximately one mile north of the treatment plant. The reservoir has a capacity of five billion gallons of water and, in times of drought, is used to maintain stream flow.

Nyack is in a unique role as master of its own water supply thanks to far sighted individuals from our past. We must retain this ownership and resist the short term temptations to sell to larger water entities and consider the long term benefits of controlling our own water destiny.