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New Restaurant in Piermont

A few weeks ago I wrote about the closing of Portofino’s Cafe in Piermont which had been one of our favorite restaurants in the area. Its great food and relaxed, vacation like atmosphere never disap...

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Nyack Marina Open for Business

While walking my dog this morning along the Hudson River we ended up at the newly renovated Nyack Marina.It is now open for business for the 2016 season! Several years of being closed and falling apart after Hurricane Sandy, the marina has been...

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Portofinos Restaurant in Piermont Closed:(

Last week someone posted on Facebook that Portofinos, our favorite restaurant which is in Piermont was closing. I told my family about the post and none of them wanted to believe that a place where we had spent so many special birthday celebrat...

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Listen to Vinyl Records at the Nyack Library

The media and listeners of music have coined the phrase Vinyl Revival to describe the renewed interest and increase in sales of vinyl records. In 2007, there was a small increase in sales and in the 2010’s sales have been growing at a fast ra...

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Nyack Marina Opening Soon

The Village of Nyack municipal marina will be opening for the 2016 season! After several years of being closed after Hurricane Sandy, the marina has been renovated and rebuilt.

The Village is now accepting applications for the 2016 season fo...

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Nyack’s O’Donoghues Tavern to Reopen

Exciting news for old timers and new Nyack residents.O’Donoghue’s will open its tavern doors once more. Kevin O’Donoghue, who still owns the building that was home to his family’s longtime restaurant closed the restaurant doors in April...

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